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Thread: Leakdown test

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    Leakdown test

    How do I do this?

    What tools do I need? Does the block need to be out of the hull?


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    Here is a great thread, I found by searching "pressure"

    It's actually quite simple. Think of a balloon. You are turning your GPR engine into a 10psi balloon. To do this, you must close all the little and big holes to keep in the air.

    After you got that concept out of the way, it's all about how to do it.

    I think you can search on here, and find pictures of gaskets, well as some pics under fernando's page on hydrotoys.

    Ace hardware has some very thick red rubber gasket material, in 4x8 sheets. This stuff is GREAT for cutting out gaskets to block off intake, exhaust holes, pv covers, etc. You can use your sparkplug holes as either a port, or just put the plugs in, and use the pulse lines. Either way remove the pulse lines from the carbs to prevent damage to the diaphrams. You can use a connector to block two of them together, and the third one as a place to put your air hose.

    Fill VERY slowly, since you do not want to go over 10 psi if possible. Let it stabilize, and top off. Let it sit for 2 beers and come back and check it. If its dropped more than a pound or two, break out the soapy water spray bottle. Pressurize it to 10psi again, and spray away. Check you block off gaskets FIRST to verify you didn't create a leak with them. Known areas, are cylinder bases, case leaks, rear main seal, front seal, reed cages, and of course head gaskets or orings.

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    i think i saw somewhere that Watcon sells everything in a complete kit, not positive though...

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