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    throttle cable slack

    whats up..i got the umi throttle trigger (angled) on my ski with the throttle adapter for the 1300..but i want to make sure i have no slack while in wot..any 1 got any detailed explanatioins? If i have some slack ( a lil) how can i fix this? Pics would be awesome..thank you


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    DH, just unscrew the thread on the trigger where the nut is, then tighten it back up when you get the slack out of it.

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    What John said. Don't wind it up so tight that it doesn't return all the way though!!!

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    When you pull the throttle, once you have it too tight, the trigger will not pull all the way to the grip.

    At that point loosen it up, until it opens flat at the grip. Any tighter, and you risk stretching or breaking the cable, and possibly warping the shafts.

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