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    impeller duct damage

    I have recently noticed a small amount of prop slip of the line which i never used to have, so i took apart the impeller duct to check the prop,
    i found a small mark on the prop and one larger chip out of three of the fins on the duct.
    Could these small inperfections be enough to effect the performance of the ski?? Or whatever has passed through there to make these marks has bent one of the blades?
    Any info welcome.
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    I keep coming back and looking at this picture. Just thinking outloud...

    Did the slipping start at once, or gradually get worse?

    Is it all 6 fins or just 2?

    Can you round/smooth it out?

    Have you taken a feeler gauge and checked the clearance between the prop and the pump liner?

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    Its certainly possible that what caused the chips in the stator vanes has moved a blade (or two or three) on the prop.

    I took a small pebble in that just nicked one stator vane but bent the trailing edge of one blade about 3/16th upwards.

    It vibrated the craft til 20mph plus and cavitated like hell.

    In pic 1 I can see some cavitation along the top edge of the blade about mid-blade.

    My stock prop has done this, as well as a Solas Concord (at 45hrs).

    I'm hoping sealing the pump will stop it ?? I've installed a PPK kit but didnt seal the pump shoe with compound ???

    It might be a fact of life with these pumps/intake gullets ....

    How many hrs has your prop done ???

    I dont know what the boys run with regard to impeller/liner clearance for performance but stock clearance should be between .014-.017 inch. Limit for new liner/prop (or prop edge rebuild) is .023 inch.


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    almost looks like some cavitation burn

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    I've installed a PPK kit but didnt seal the pump shoe with compound ???
    I have always felt the most important thing to do was to seal the shoe up against the transom plate - there is a large gap here that allows air to enter - I fill in this area between the show and transom with 3M fast cure 5200. The PPK pieces fit so badly I usually leave half of them out.

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    In the first pic that is where the object has took a small piece out of blade and has buffed it on the way, its hard to see from the photo.
    The slight slip that i feel has just started suddenly no warning and is very little but just noticable, and its on three fins.
    There is about 10hrs on this dynafly and it is 13/20 i will do as suggested and check clearence, anybody know what it should be??
    I will also check the angle, and file out on fins.
    Thanks for the info.

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