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    for the approx 30 ,minutes of ride time I have had on it since i bought it its cool.. It wont flex like the Aluminum one does..

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    i have not heard much about the ss grate lately .i have one was thinking of putting it on from what i have read its sounds like just bolt on and fit it up as best as possible . do some grinding and centering if needed.and put the bigger bolts it worth all the trouble if it dont fit that good

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    Well, I just installed 2 grates on my son's boats. Yes, they do need a bit of grinding to fit (all on the back pad on the sides) but it is not as bad as it looks like the first time you fit it up. They are very nicely made however, a real nice quality piece, and I would not give them up. We had tuned a bunch on the triple pipe 1390 with tabs and plate adjustments, but on a back to back test we picked up 3 mph with the grate, finally getting us over 80 81.9). I cannot explain why so much but that is what we got. They do have a lot less drag, the boat coasts alot farther when letting off the gas. Will test the other boat today, hoping for similar results.

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    The other boat LT1 was referring to was mine. Night and day difference between this grate and the R&D 1200 grate. These grates have been knocked a bit for losing hook up vs the 1200 grate. Well, from a seat of the pants perspective, I love the new grate. In heavy chop I just kind of skip over waves. The old grate seemed to drag me right back down, due to its more aggressive intake blade. I felt much more at ease running fast through some pretty heavy Labor Day weekend chop than I would have with the old grate. It's a bit more of a loose feel, but in a good way. Instead of feeling like I am going to get pitched of my ski in the rough stuff, now it is much more forgiving. It does want to overstuff and cavitate off the line, but that can be corrected to some degree, read on....

    As for speed, we are still dialing in the carbs and prop. But I hit 77.4 MPH in hot, really muggy conditions. My previous best was 77.7 earlier this year when it was about 70 degrees tops and the water was ice cold. I am still only turning RPMs in the 6900s, but we've found the issue (85 mm pump and too steep on the prop). Got an 87mm pump on the way and a 14/22 prop that should get us to 80 on my boat.

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    Hi, Im new to the forum and was wondering how to find trim tabs for a 1997 yamaha GP1200

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    Hi, got mine ready to put it on, one dumb question do I us larger bolt?

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    8mm bolts are the go for extra strength
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