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    Quote Originally Posted by Pale Rider View Post
    , are there any ill effects if using the Riva hose with a D plate on a stock ski?
    I would like to due an air filter kit, D plate, and FF sometime in the future...
    what exactly is better for the machine?

    2008 GPR
    I'm putting an ff exhaust, R&D power plenum filter & I have a D-plate on now. I think you gain around 1.5 with the filter and you loose .5 with the ff so I think it's a pretty good gain holeshot & some top-end the D-plate also enhanced the midrange on my ski.

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    so is it safe to just use worm gear clamps to attatch it all again??? see this is on an xl800 and it looks much more bent than the 1200's pipe. How should i go about doing this ( this pic is it with all the sound suppresson crap off of it just the thing going out and the one pipe from the waterbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jarrod_bridges2000 View Post
    so is it safe to just use worm gear clamps to attatch it all again???
    once you remove the sound suppression you should have 4 hose clamps left over, use two of these on each end of the FF to ensure it does not come off or leak.

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    Well this is on my xl800 and the pipe looks much more bent? Heres a pic of it with all that stuff ff it just the outlet and the pipe coming from the waterbox.

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    Why hasn't anyone just gone to a marine hardware store and just bought some Trident Marine Exaust Hose? It's pretty cheap, made for high temp exausts, and has reenforcing spiralled wire inside of it to keep it from kinking when bent and also to keep it from collapsing? I think that even big chain marine stores like West Marine will have this hose in stock. If no local marine store try or my local store

    And a thought on those using the sch 40 PVC, seems like a bad idea. Just take a heat gun and let it blow on it for less than a minute. What your going to have is a pile of melted PVC. At a minimum if I was going to do this mod with PVC, I would only use sch 80 PVC. It's not sold at home depot or lowes, but if you have a grainger in your town, go there or

    Just my thoughts

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    Hey guys i am new to this forum and i am chucking a revamped gp1300r in a 3m alloy jetboat, when i bought the engine it didnt come with waterbox at all so i am kinda unsure of what i am needing after the tail pipe muffler flange? I assume this is where the exhaust gases and water come together? Can anyone draw me a wee diagram or something to put me on the right track for correct water box setup? Also just a thought but if pvc would melt then wouldnt the watertank box melt too? It looks like plastic from pics that i have looked at for one.. Thanks anyone for some help!

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