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    Solas 14/19

    Has anyone had a problem with the Solas 14/19 impeller carving into the wear ring resulting in excessive clearance. I replaced the original impeller and wear ring with the Solas. It carved a groove in about a 60 dg section of the wear ring.

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    Not the impellers fault mate, mine's been fine... more likely a flex issue?

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    I think my 14-19 flexes. I have to have a .014 clearence so it woun't burn the wear ring. That sucks cause I think it's too much of a gap.

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    I had this same problem until I went to the dual bearing setup. With as much torque as these craft have this pump design just cannot handle it.
    Thats why you have the wear on one side of the wear ring thats the way it torques. You will have some prop flex also but that would be all the way around the wear ring.The wear you are seeing is from the shaft actually torquing over. The dual bearing almost completely eliminates this problem.
    Pete with as much power as you have yours is probably flex. But for anyone doing the SS wear ring I would suggest the dual bearing also.I would not have put the SS wear ring before the dual bearing mod but now I am thinking about since it stopped the prop from getting into wear ring.

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    My RXP is Stock except for new Solas prop. I think the Solas prop may be out of wack. Or maybe shaft is sloppy.

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