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    Once upon a time there was an old ski....know as the blaster

    I've searched high and low regarding the old blaster posts that Pistonwash and others commented on...but no luck. I've got the following

    93 Blaster
    Factory Full Mod pipe
    Riva Aluminum waterbox
    Greater billet head with domes 185 PSI
    Pro Tec CDI
    Dual 44's with Riva filters/Primer
    Riva Dual 44 Intake
    Solas 13/17 impeller
    Pro-tec Top Loader
    Riva ride plate
    Ocean Pro nozzle
    UMI complete steering stem and UMI bars
    Dry cell Battery
    Dual Cooling

    I don't quit seem to hit the speeds I was getting out of the previous Scat prop...which I have no clue what was in it. Currently I'm running a 13/17 Solas prop without the "OCEAN PRO" nozzle and ony running 50.4mph and turning 6740rpm fully fueled. I am running dual cooling and I know the pipe is not at it's "Desired" temp...could this be the reason I'm down in both RPM and speed you guys think? This rpm just seems lower then it used to run before. I never got to tack the previous set up...but it seemed to be turnning 7000rpm or more.


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    Send a1965gt a message to come look at this post. I know he is a top dog on this ski.

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    thanks Mark...will do.

    Something worth nothing far as changes

    1. Prevoius set up did not have dual cooling therefore the pipe/engine did get warmer. It also had some carbon tech reeds...that I replaced with new OEM reeds. Lastly I did change out the prop for the 13/17 Solas that was recommend and removed the Ocean pro and put a stock steering nozzle back on.'


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