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    GP1300R Proformance

    hey guys...My origanal plan to get a ski was a rxp. My parents went to a boat show yesterday and the sales guy said "its to much power for a family ski." I can kind of see his point but i wish he would have just stfu so we could have just gotten it lol. Im now looking for other ski options. I want a two seater that has some muscle and i thought GP1300R. Whats the general opinion about the ski? Its a two-stroke right?? do you have to add oil? top speed stock? Alright thanks for comments/opinions.

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    the RXP is a 1500CC Supercharged 4-Stroke. It is fuel injected and is just a hair bit more on MSPRP than the GP1300R. The RXP, being a 4-stroke means that you never add oil, but rather go through oil changes as you would a car.

    2-strokes are "oil-burning" and 4-Strokes use the same oil over a period of time and do not burn it off.

    The 2006 GP1300R is the last of the 2-strokes that were built, however they are fuel injected, which is a plus. It is also Oil Injected, which means you just add the oil.

    If you are only looking for something that the entire family can use, then i would recommend a three seater such as the VX110, or the FX Cruiser. If you are looking to go fast then the GP1300 would be the way to go, but be careful with the age of the kids that may ride that one----cause its a powerful monster even bone stock.

    If you ever want something for yourself and want to be able to easily modify it to go faster, then the GPR is the one for you. Plus it's the last of its kind to be made. Everything will be 4-stroke for 2007.

    The RXP is fast and a fun ride as well, but you may want to purchase the extended warrany on it, because you might blow the supercharger in it a few times. When i say blow the supercharger, I am specifically talking about the clutch on it which is the most common break.

    Most riders just keep rideing because they have no idea that the clutch went out on it, and don't know what to look for most of the time---so they keep riding and riding -------then the whole supercharger goes out eventually, because of the clutch to begin with. There are lots of RXP-Fans here, and I would love to own one - if the shop time was a little less.

    Good luck in your decision making.

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    Ty for the good responce man..I am mainly looking for a two seater just go to fast on and just zip around the lake. We have a boat that will do most of the towing and then we are also going to purchase more of a "family" level ski like a gti or something along those lines. How is the reliablity on it? also gps top speed? Thanks man.


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    I have never had a reliability issue with yamaha's. Stock 2005 or 2006 GPS right off the showroom floor from your dealer will be about 65-66 on the gps (of course depending on weight / water conditions / things like that).

    An RXP will be 69-70 stock.

    I would go with the GPR though, just in case you get the urge to ever go faster (cheaper to get to 75+, than any other kind).

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    Yeah also compairing msrp gpr is almost 2k cheaper...thats always a plus.

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