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    Need some advice

    I've been out of the game since loosing my house in Ivan, but I'm ready to jump back in but I need some advice to get started.

    1. I have an 03 XLT 1200 at last I was going to replace the stock pistions with Pro X because of the pin coming out and the rings catching. I seem to rember that yamaha has three diffrent size pistions. I don't recall pro x offering diffrent size pistions for the 1200 (66V), Can I just install these pistions they are stock bore 79.90 mm or will I need to have the cylinders honed.

    2. I'm considering going to Riva Gas valves If I do and later decide to have my cylinders bored and ported to 87mm will and can these valves still be used? Will the valve faces have to be cut "to Fit".

    3.I read somewhere that the free flow exhaust actually causes lost of RPM and is not needed unless your engine is high compression ( define high compression above 170lbs?) I assume this means the entire sound damping system?

    Thanks for the help

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    Welcome MJet.

    1. You can use stock sized 81mm pistons. Your cylinders are nikisil'd, so if they are damaged, they will need to be repaired, by a company such as US CHROME or MILLINIUM TECHNOLOGIES.

    2. Talk to the person doing the work for you. I don't see why not.

    3. Lots of variables here. Compression, Timing, Hull Weight, Gas valves vs electric valves, prop size, etc... You certainly will be at less risk with the noise reduction removed, but it may not be needed, and yes, you might lose a little top speed.

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