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Thread: Jetski Accident

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    Jetski Accident

    A woman riding a jetski on a central South Island lake yesterday was run over and killed by her husband riding another jetski beside her.

    Attempts to revive Rangiora woman Leslie Fay Visser, 38, after the crash on Lake Ruataniwha in the Mackenzie Country yesterday were unsuccessful, police said today.

    A post mortem examination would be done in Timaru today.

    Police are refusing to release Ms Visser's husband's name.

    Timaru police area commander Dave Gaskin Gaskin said it was not police policy to release the names of other persons involved in similar situations.

    Senior Constable Brent Swanson, of Twizel police, said it appeared Ms Visser turned in front of her husband's jet ski and he drove over the top of her.

    A family friend and the couple's two children, aged seven and 10, were at the lake but did not see the collision.

    Mr Swanson said Ms Visser's husband recovered his wife from the water and rode with her on his jetski to the rowing complex boat ramp where initial attempts were made to revive her.

    Ambulance staff also attempted resuscitation without success.

    Police are investigating and want to hear from anyone who witnessed the tragedy.

    Ms Visser's husband and children had returned to their Rangiora home and were being supported by family and Victim Support volunteers.

    No further details were immediately available.

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    ...could you imagine if this happened to you...


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    it's sad to here

    we had a similar incident here in oz when a girl turned suddenly in front of partner and he ran her over to and killed her

    jet ski fatality's are very rare here but this year we had 3 in 3 weeks after not having any for 3 years

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    how sad....

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    That stuff makes ya think! Most of us have stories, but we’re all here to tell them!

    My old 760 was hit and run over by a friends girl friend I had enough sense and time to gas it and get my body out of her way. The tail end of the ski was not so lucky, neither was my lifejacket. I was freaked out for a week every time I went out...

    I'm still overly cautious! I don't care what people say! I want to come ride another day!

    Damn... I can't imagine losing my wife like that... I'm sure I would never ride again!

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    Be careful guys!! I'm not worried about yoo, but i AM worried about the avg rec rider out there with a few too many beers in them.........not that that has anything to do with this story, but i always watch my back. Sad to hear this kind of news...

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