Air Temp = 90 degrees
Water Temp=89 degrees
Humidity around 70%
1/2 tank of fuel
3.5 hours on ski
Newly calibrated Stalker Radar

Well the water was really rough (Damn Skiers) and I could not get the best run to check speed but I do sort of like what I saw.
In the chop the best I could pull was 7550rpm's and got 63-64 mph.
When I went to the other side of the lake away from the skiers, and wind I managed to see my first 8050rpm's.
What is the general consensus of mph @ 8050rpm’s?

Before going out today I added the Riva grate, PPG Solas prop and filled the ride plate bolts with Marine Tex. After I got it somewhat finished I lightly blasted the bottom of the plate.

BTW the boat is getting stronger ervey hour or so!!!