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    We welcome the IJSBA director, Scott Frazier.

    The new IJSBA director Scott Frazier, is being added to the list of board members here We are giving him a room in the Racer's Corner of the forum.

    Scott has been a close friend of mine for about 10 years, he's is one the best ambassadors to the sport of jetskiing I've ever known. It is truely an honor to have him here to answer questions about the IJSBA and the racing scene in general. He's been a racer, a promoter, a friend to alot of the big names to the sport and now the director of that sport that he loves. The reason I've asked him to come on board, is to help educate and make us aware of what is happening in the racing world. Win, win for us.

    If you have questions concerning rules, regulations, equipment and the future of the sport, you are invited to ask away. But if you start railing on a regional promoter or whine about what happened at a race, you can go directly the website. It ain't gonna happen here. This website is dedicated to education and gaining technical advice, plus a place to hang out and be ourselves. We all plan to keep it that way.

    Sooooooo, welcome to our newest member on the best Yamaha website on the planet!

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    Wecome to the forum Scott!

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    Welcome to our little slice of Yami heaven.

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