I now have 8.5 hours on my new 04 RXP. Max rpm is 7400 and max gps speed is 61.8 mph. Yes my RXX and 02 GTX Level One will beat it.
My oil level is correct after removing about 24 oz/ and I changed the plugs, no help. The only thing I see visual is when I look through the water intake grate the rubber boot is 1/2 in. away form being screwed on to the impeller. I probably should pull the pump and check it all out. I bought the ski in Ohio and live in VA.
I guess a dealer here will look at it. Im sure I will be at the end of the line. Any other thoughts?
At 1/3 throttle I have 6200 rpm and no power gain up to 3/4 throttle.
From 3/4 throttle to full a slow increase to 7400 rpm.