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Thread: Pressure test

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    Pressure test

    Hey guys, I'm getting the point in my rebuild where I need to do a leak down/pressure test. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the GroupK kit or the one for sale at WatCon? Would either of these work for a pressure test or is there more stuff to buy? Is this something I can just run to the local hardware store and make a homemade version of? If so, is there a list of pieces some where? Fercho's pics on Hydrotoys site is great, but I'm not running trippples. This is a first for me and I want to make sure I do this right. I would really appreciate the expert advice I know I'll get here vs. elsewhere. My patient is a 1999 XLT 1200.

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    Ace hardware usually has that red rubber thick gasket material. Make your own blockoffs for exhaust and intake using this stuff. Triple pipes or not, this is usually the best way. Use your exhaust manifold to hold red gasket material in place. No overtightning.

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    DOH! I was so fixed on Fernando's beautiful execution in the pics it never occured to me to just squeeze the gasket material between the cylinders and the headpipe. Thanks Mark & Kevin. I owe ewe!

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    Leak down tester

    I bought mine from Watcon and have had very good luck with it. Brian even made me custom blanks for the intake and exhaust. Very nice.

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    I got mine from GroupK years ago !!!!!

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