5/25/19 DIY quick get it ready for Memorial Day rush build, this is a diy tunnel reinforcement story...

I used one (1) full tube of West System 610 (six10) by wetting fiberglass cloth with a scraper, in my case exactly one tube because the last thing I did was lay an epoxy bead on the critical corner fillets then it ran out. This is auto parts store fiberglass cloth, I utilized 85-90% of it. I began the glassing by laying an epoxy bead along the main fillet corners along the transom and bottom of the pump hump.

21-24 layers in the bottom-rear corners (3-edges meet)
14-18 layers around the main 'pump hump', includes overlap past the transom fillet and bilge fillet

Details, it's hard to count so above are estimates because lots of overlapping:
Main large fiberglass template, including the fillets so templates cut longer = 7 layers
Using scraps from the main template, I reinforced the pump hump with the scraps butted to transom vertical wall = 7 layers
2x3" squares stuffed into both bottom corners where it meets the horizontal part of the bilge = 5 layers
Additional fillets reinforcement, 2x8" strips on the corners around the "horseshoe", the corner that meets the transom = 4 layers
Pump hump to bilge bottom fillet has similar fillet reinforcement, pressed into the corner with a scraper. = 3 layers

5200 sealed shoe brackets in place: