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    waht do you think

    i went to the seadoo dealer today and i can get a green 05 rxp with a free trailer and no "assembly fees" for $10,099. also the $500 gas card also. is this a good deal or not? the guy said they had 5 rxps left and they would be sold soon. there is alot of rich people where i live. what do you guys think?

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    If this is a good price or not depends where you live. I have seen RXP's recently for $9K in TX and $9600 in FL. All fees included except for tax. A good single trailer will retail for $650 or so, depending on the make. So your price is in the ball park. Better hurry, the gas card offer expires in less than 2 weeks !


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    thanks for the responce i figured i could do a bit better.

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    do you happen to remember the dealership in texas for the 9k ski?

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    The dealer from TX had an add on Ebay. They were located in Tyler, TX. Had some great prices, if it wasn't 1,100 miles from here, I'd be there to buy 2 skis.


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