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    Mesa, AZ

    What was your last hobby before watercraft...

    The rideplate thread from earlier got me thinking. I wonder how many thousands I wasted as a kid on hot rods, not so hot rods, and many other failed car projects?
    SOME of my favorite hot rods:
    1971 SB chevy Chevelle, "Heavy Chevy"... basically a trim package malibu with a bench seat, air, single 2 bbl, ps, pb and a non functional cowl hood...but it looked good.
    1977 Monza with a transplanted SB400/350 combo and hand picked steering since the stock steering was freaking trash.
    1970 Malibu, transplanted 427 Close chambered heads (authentic Corvette heads) 350TH tranny that I built, with a TCI 3500-3800 converter and 4:10 gears, hidden 150 shot nitros... we didn't call it NOZZZ. Gutted interior, dash, headliner, sawzalled any unneeded inner fenders, supports and most of the trunk.

    Oh yeah, now I remember why I love personal watercraft... they are cheap. Well, until the four strokes take over.

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    let see... sand rail's .... hill climbing actually, in tube chassied vw powered dune buggies.
    bought an old style shorty frame, stripped and repainted it ,built a little 1688 with all the stuff you could cram into it,and a custom geared trans.
    You could hold it floored, twisting the piss out of it ... would just peak out and go no further...

    Come up on a hill that was near streight up, pour the coals to her ,double clutch it and hope she'd do it ... if ya made it it would fly up vertical and cat land, other wise it was over on to its back....
    Its something ya dont forget... that nano second, hanging there in space.

    Now i just build motors for friends, last one being an 1835 short stroke for a street rail.

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    billerica mass
    i dont want to list all the bmx and mtb or even all the cars i had

    i still have a project in the garage thats on hold.
    there is a 89 formula black on black. motor is a 383
    short block trick flow head vortec s-trim. tranny is a
    350 272 first gear and a brake 3500 stall. rearend is
    9 inch with a drop out 12 bolt diff 373 gears .
    all this thing needs is a intake.when i get off my ass
    it will have a tpis mini ram. it only been on hold for three

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    could have been a bmx pro. i still have my patterson. tj will know what that is. it's from 1978 and worth a bundle.
    1969 camaro 454 ls6
    1971 chevelle 454 ls6
    1980 monza
    1992 camaro rs anniversary. should have kept that one
    1991 fzr 600
    also have a small collection of pistols.
    the chevelle was top dog around my way for years and years

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    Minden, Nevada, United States
    I was real heavy into car audio.I installed everything you can think of for 6 years or so.Still do some on the side.I had 7 RC cars/trucks i built.I had a 91 Ford F350 crewcab i built with a 17" lift on 44's,bad ass stereo,lots of chrome,then the NHP took it away! .I did alot of BMX freesyle riding.One thing ive always been attatched to is the water.I did alot of water sports like skiiing,knee boarding,then i got the GPR bug. I used to build model cars/trucks as long as i can remember. I was a windsurf instructor for a few years in Benicia Ca.

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    Quading & dirtbiking. I think my pride and joy was my three wheeler though. I know a lot of people don't like them, but I loved it!!!

    1986 Honda ATC 250R
    Ported and bored
    Boyesen Rad Valve
    Carbed with Boyesen Super Bowl
    DG Nickel Pipe & silencer

    Redone from the bottom up. Kick myself in the ass hard for getting rid of it. The thing was mint and a ton of fun. Here's a stolen net picture for reference.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    just sold a 1983 250 r three wheeler smoked 95% of the four wheelers i ran.tons of dirt bike ,rc trucks,too much harley stuff had a 1973 mustang 351 clevland 525 hp was a real blast 2 telephone poles a street sign and a stop sign later not much left but won the race

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    Brandon, MS
    saving money!!!!

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    All over
    Come on, some one out there was a porn freak before this??? Woody, ABBOT??? Wait, we all still are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The NSA know's that I'm in Spokane, WA
    raced flat track. yami mx250 engine, knight frame. tried flat trackin a kdx200 one nite when the yam was broke. dont do it, broke my wrist, quit flat trackin and got on the water, aint broke nuthin yet and i fall off all the time.

    before flat trackin, MX. broke way too many bones.

    Oh yeah, heres a goodun. had a 57 vw microbus. right behind the front seat was the engine 383 magnum, hooked to a torqueflite, hooked to a ujoint, hooked to the rear end. no rear suspension.

    you could smoke the tires for as long as you cared to hold your foot down

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