I tried the RXT-X grate with the wing(scoop) on my modified 150 Speedster, tried the RD and some others with the wing on it. NONE OF THEM WORKED AS WELL AS THE STOCK OEM GRATE THAT CAME WITH THE 215 ENGINE, that has no wing, just straight. It makes sense that the wing would slow you down on top end as it drags in the water. On PWC's the wing can help as they are much lighter than the boats and need the wing to keep it hooked up in the water. You typically don't have that problem with the boats. The wing intakes also made the boat handle worse on turns, etc.
I have basically a stage 2-3 mods on the boat and still run the 215 oem grate. The boats really need an adjustable trim set up like the PWC's as purposing is the issue when you get more hp and speed. Weird that their PWC's have variable trim and trim tabs and neither on the larger boats??
Has anyone used the variable trim set up from a PWC on a Speedster? Trim is an important issue to get max top end and makes boat attitude right.