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    handlebar installation

    just picked up my new pro taper bars..anybody got step by step insallation instrunctions for an 05 1300r? thanks anything will help really..i just dont understand wut part i need to sand down really..if anyone can help i would gladly appreciate it..thanks

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    1) strip off the cover

    2) remove the throtle, trim and start/stop buttons

    3) losen the four bolts that hold the OEM bars on

    4) Take the new bars and sand/grind the left bar all around to accomidate the OEM trim.

    5) Once you get it to the point where teh OEM will slide on smoothly (and rotate freely!), use the OEM trim to mark where you need to drill the through hole for the long bolt that will go completely through the bars and the trim system.

    -drill the hole, make sure you have something to hold the bars and can drill it straight!

    6) Then you need to remove the grip from the OEM trim system and prep the surface for the new grip.

    7) slide the new grips on WITHOUT glue first and use them to see where you need to mount the throtle and start/stop buttons.

    8 ) You will need to trim the "nubs" from both the throtle and s/s button mounts. (They will still mount well, I just used a bit of yamahabond under them to help.)

    9) Now with the OEM mount brackets mount the new bars. (I would make sure the OEM trim is already mounted it will be easier then trying to do it once tha bars are mounted. (you may need to remove ONE bolt from the cross bar and move it up out of the way so you can tighten the four mounting bolts.)

    10) Once the bars are on solid, finish mounting the throtle and start/stop.

    11) Mount your grips last, they will need to sit for about 12 hours depending on the gule you use.

    *If you are doing any painting on the OEM mount or brackets do that a day before and make sure they are completely dry! If you rush it they will look like crap!

    *If you come across ANY part that seems to hard to remove, or your not sure about, stop and make sure you do it right! I broke my OEM trim and it's not cheap to fix!

    Good luck!

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    Here are some pics from RX951's install:

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    thanks rxp and ramnj....i appreciate it..i have a better idea now and we'll start working on it..thanks

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    Here is a similar thread posted on the RIVA forum.
    check it out, I posted 3 links at the bottom.

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    Here's a link to efreaked's handlebar installation.

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    Here ya go david- this boat is an 05 that i did.

    click here

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