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    You need powerpoint to view it.

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    Now, that's what I call COLD

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    good lord, who would want to live like that?

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    That place is no joke I'll tell you what...

    i was there last summer in June and it was still cold. In the middle of the day it would warm up into the 70's but at night with the breeze coming off that lake (which is huge) it would dip well below freezing...

    Talking to some of the locals about the winters there they said if you got outside and caught in the wind/water storms coming off the lake it would actually freeze you solid if you stayed still long enough (much like the cars)...

    Even in June that lake was only like 50 degrees or something like that...It was beautiful though...I also seem to remember somewhere along the coast passing a shop that specialized in Yamaha modifications... (some dud was out there jet-sking when we were there...)

    Another interesting thing about that area...there's a lot of I believe danish or dutch heritage in the area and horse can regularly be found on the menu...

    BTW - you should see the cows...they look like wilderbeasts(sp?)

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