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    Project:Building a Yamaha Exciter with 2xGP1300R engines!

    Hey there all users!
    This is my project,I will build a Yamaha Exciter Jetboat with two gp1300R engines!

    To make the entire engines with the stock exhaust to fit I must remove the entire "pumpbearinghouse" back thru the wall and mount them on a custommade one, and then I have to shorten the driveshafts.

    The future enginemods will be:
    Riva EFI´s
    Riva Filters

    Just wanted to show my project and been able to ask questions about diffrent things around this, engines, performanceparts, and so..
    Because I live in sweden and there are not that many people here that has the knowledge about pwc/engines and all around it..

    So if you have any tips or idea that could be useful for me please let me know!

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    Looks like a COOL project. So you are going to go with the EFI set up?
    What did it come with stock?

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    Wow...excellant project, gonna be a pain getting 2x for everything. Let us know if you need any other tuning help. It should be easier with efi than a carbed unit, thats for sure. I would suggest sending those heads off and getting them machined, the extra low-end oopmh in compression, will be helpful in getting it out of the hole quicker.

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    What pumps came with that thing from the factory?

    That looks like a fun little project(not)

    Not much room between the intake on the left engine and the exhaust of the right one. I would put some sort of a heat shield in there to cut down on the heat soak.

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    P.S. Welcome to the board.
    Some of these loonies know quite a bit about these motors and how to make them fly.

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    wow - that is neat!!

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    Exciter,call this guy.He is building a similar setup.

    Carl @ Island Racing.1-516-883-0090 He should be able to help you out with parts and all.

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    Welcome ExciterGPR. We have a host of great GPR tuners here that should be able to get you some good ideas.

    I saw on SBT that they were giving you shit for trying this. Don't worry about it. Strange projects like this are never easy, or for the weak minded.

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    WOW, cool project, that things is going to fly!

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    WFO:Yes I will go with the EFI setup, the engine are stock right now, but if i change airfilter, and put i D-plates, I have heard that I must have the RIVA efi controller??.

    Boris: It comes with the 155mm pumphouse. same width as the gp1300r jetpumps!

    WATER WOODY:So Carl at Island racing are building something like this?, strange he has seen my project, and he didn´t say anything!!??

    Will keep you guys posted..!

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