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    Idea for a creative gear head

    I keep thinking about a more tuned header pipe to get more of the tripple pipe effect.
    What I was thinking is take out the pipe with the cat in and takeing the pipe that goes around the front of the motor and putting that pipes expansion area were the cat used to be and running the header from the cylinders straight up and over the head coupling it were it normaly does with the four bolts.
    then use a stinger three type exhaust going to the water box I thought you may have to add another jet works valve in to raise your back pressure a little because it should flow better.
    any in put on this idea would be great I was thinking about building it out of plain steel at first to see how it would work but I really don't have the tooling to do such a detailed peace of work and secound I never held the parts to see if it would clear the seat and the head with out to much work just a runaway mind at work

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    Ya know, if it was just this easy, I think we would all be at the welders.

    I don't know if you've ever researched sonic wave pulses in a two stroke, but to keep it short, it takes some software to design something like that.

    NOTE: I didn't say it couldn't be done, just that tuning a pipe (RPM) from bottom to top is not that straight forward. Then add in the cost of replacement cylinders and pistons for every inch of mistake. Yeeeeouch!

    Hey, you did say "Creative!!!!!"

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    A while back I was thinking of cutting my spare stock exhaust (the rear section that has the d-plate) and making a wooden buck of the interior of the pipe.
    I wanted use the buck to beat some think aluminium over it creating an exact copy of the inside of the stock pipe.

    What I was thinking is that I would have the same shape and flow characteristics as the stock pipe with much less weight.
    It would have to be a wet pipe to keep the temperature in check.
    I don't know what affect a different heat transfer rate due to the difference in material and it's thickness would have on the sonic wave.

    Worth a try ???

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