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Thread: Parts sites.

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    Parts sites.

    Where is the best place online to find parts? The only place i have gotten parts from is RIVA. After reading this forum and getting more good advice in the 2 weeks I have known about it than a year on Rivas forum. So due to the fact they have screwed me out of info by censorship I will no longer be a customer. Where do you spend your hard earned cash? oh and sorry if I post alot.

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    91 is one of the cheapest. I learned it here too!
    Lots of links here.

    Insandiego Joe has some deals. is Fercho's email. He has good deals.

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    I was checking on prices for parts I'm needing and Parkeryamaha seems to have very good prices on their parts. As long as your not in a hurry to get them, this might be a good alternative. An OEM wear ring for $170 is not bad. Some of their prices are even better than

    They carry all the OEM parts, but you need to get their price and compare them against Some parts are much cheaper, and others are more.

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    I second that i love parker yamaha. Never had a problem. Pretty good website too. Parts are the cheapest i seen.

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