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    PPG Powerpipe Install.

    I have had the Vortech SC and Powerpipe sitting @ my dealers place for two weeks now, and they still havent done the install. I don't have the time or tools for the SC install, but is it pretty simple to do the powerpipe install? What tools are needed to get the hose clamps off the waterbox?


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    Unless yours has the Oitiker clamps it only takes a screwdriver. A 5\16 socket will also work.

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    I just installed the pipe. Not sure why it's called power pipe, anyway getting that resonater out was a bitch!!! I don't have a sawsall! I used a little hand saw and a drill. I figured out that if you cut the whole front piece (towards the bow) off it'll come right out with out taking off the vts.

    It sure does sound nice. But not as nice as the rear exhaust! Thanks jerry.

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    No problem Mike, enjoy!

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