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    The mad dash for the holiday.

    Why does it always seem that we leave everything for the last minute to complete just before we take off on a camping trip. lol

    My prep schedule tonight for the weekend.

    -Friday 4:30pm, Flight Departs Costa Mesa, CA, arrive in Seattle, WA at 7:11pm.
    -Board flilght at 9:00pm in seattle, arrive in spokane at 9:57pm. Drive home by 10:30.
    -Kiss the wife and kids, and put them to bed.
    -Make sure all parts and impeller tools recieved via ups while I was gone are correct.
    -Throw some tools across the garage in rage if they aren't.
    -Remove and service jet pump on 03 GTX SC, including wear ring replacement.
    -Change oil and filter on 03 GTX SC
    -Check battery state on 03 GTX SC
    -Remove and service jet pump on 04 RXP, including wear ring replacement.
    -Pray there is no problem with stock pump bearings.
    -Change oil and filter on 04 RXP
    -Check battery state on 04 RXP
    -Complete normal pre-ride/pre-trip inspection on both skis.
    -Make sure both start properly (neighbors ought to love this at the wee hours of the morning)
    -Take both skis to gas station, top them off, and fill 4, 5 gallon gas cans.
    -Secure the skis for the overnight in the driveway
    -Clean up
    -Go to bed
    -Get up at 6am, get the wife and kids rounded up.
    -be on the road by 7am for the 1.5-2 hour drive to potholes resevoir.

    Try to enjoy the day on the lake with only a couple of hours of sleep.

    Don't you just love the holidays!

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    I can relate. It seems that when ever we go on some trip, I am always trying to enjoy it in a zombie state since I am so shot out from prepping for the trip. But what matters most to me is that the rest of the family has a good time.

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    My schedule is drive home drive 1.8 miles and drop in the water

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    Yeah, bling, for a normal weekend, that's how it is for me also. I live about 2 miles from a small lake. We just happened to make a road trip this weekend to meet my brother and his family (he has two RXDI's).

    Nothing is worse than having something go wrong when your there and have no way to fix it. So I just have to pay the price up front so to speak

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