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    Truth, myth and fact about engine break in.. Good info ..

    Ever wonder why one person might have problems with an engine and the next will have years of trouble free performance? I've NEVER been a believer of factory recommened break in or oil changing intervals (for cars, motorcycles, etc). IMO, it's a big myth..
    Has photos too!

    Before you comment, take a look at this article..

    Lots of good info that have to do with 4 stroke engines on M/C's. whch I'm sure will hold true for Jet Ski's also. I've basically broken my RXT in just like this and it's screaming and running great. Did all my bikes like this to, etc . I personally have NEVER had a problem with ANY, I repeat ANY and ANY of all my boats, jet ski's, cars, motorcycles...
    Good info and great read..

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    I posted this about 6-7 months or so ago and that is how I broke my ski in. So many had problems with it, but I think it works.

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    I don't necessarily disagree with what the mototune site says. But I prefer to follow the manufacturers instructions, as they are the ones honoring the warranty, not mototune.

    If something does happen to fail (related to break in or not), during breakin, or soon after, BRP is who you need to deal with to get it fixed. The ecu does have some basic datalogging capabilities that will show your riding patterns and whether or not you followed the proper break in procedure. BRP can easily deny a warranty claim on an engine failure blaming it on improper break-in procedure.

    Big brother is watching.

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    The real key is varying rpm's.

    Lots of accelleration and deceleration.

    Don't hold a specific rpm for any significant ammount of time (seconds)

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    engine break in

    years ago when we ran the stand ups , tim judge that worked for r and r
    racing took my stock 650 sx took engine apart port and polished it to the
    bone put 750 cranck and pistons in built it up and we went to the lake
    he told me to hit hard i told him what about the break in ? his words to me were break it in like a b***h it will run like a b***h,break it in hard it will run hard if its going to blow it will blow now ,so since then ive always break"em in like that never any problems,and always had faster skis stock than anyone stock,tim judge later went to be a big shot at riva
    now has own shop here in fl

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    I have always built my own engines and I break them in pretty much like I am going to run them. The 408 Stroker that is in my streetrod was done like that. Stuck it on the dyno,warmed it up,changed the oil,ran the valves,and did 12 back to back to back full dyno pulls! Each and every pull got stronger than the one before it. Last pull was 450 ft lbs and 450 hp.......this is an engine that idles like your wifes STOCK Durango
    Here is a shot of fat boy himself(me) and the 408 in action!

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    Here it is after I made it "pretty'

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    Here is what it is in..............

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    Those stepsides are so low you're going to have watch out for pebbles.

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    That is really bad ass! Thanks for sharing those photos!

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