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    Is this possible on a 2003 XLT 800? Or just the GP's?

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    Firt time poster, used greenhulk a lot while rebuilding my engines. I have two xlt 1200 from 2001, living in the Netherland. Rebuilded the carbs and used osidebill resipe:

    1200R Aftermarket F/A's (Flame Arrestors) chokes intact

      • 110 Pilot jets, 1 turn out on low speed adjusters
      • 120 main jets, 1-1/2 turn out on high speed adjusters
      • 1.5 Needle and Seat, 95 gram spring (Dull Silver) 42-45 avg. pop-off pressure.
    Just finsihd the first test ride, low RPM's pretty good throttle response. Max RPM goes to 6000 not to 7 before oside bills reciepe, really missing power and speed. Not very response on the throttle.

    cylinder 1 wet plug (fuel)
    cylinder 2 wet plug (fuel(
    Cylinder 3 dry plug like supposed to

    Can anyone please send me in the right direction? Have quite a lot experience with maintaining my ski's. Dont want to search hours if somebody knows where to look for.

    Many thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris03HD View Post
    Stock carb's, cleaned and completely rebuilt. Stock reeds, stock manifold.

    Acc. pump removed
    Chokes removed
    Carb restrictors drilled out 1/8"
    95 main jet return
    Oil injection removed
    Fuel selector deleted
    Extended and clunked dual fuel pickup's
    Dual Yamaha filter/seperator's
    Modified stock air box lower half, with stock screen and lid
    Front intake ducting removed

    110 pilots
    120 mains
    95g springs
    1.5 n/s _ 44psi pop off
    95 return restrictor _ 1+ psi at idle
    Just ordered everything to do this! Minus the return restrictor setup. Will be doing that next. Looking forward to getting this ski running as i have never rode a ski before!

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