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    Water in exhaust??

    I have a 05 1300R with 25 hours on it. when I remove the spark plugs the next day I see water on them. So I stated to watch them more closely, after a run they look fine and no signs of water. it only happens after it sits a day or two. So today I saw the egt go from 850 to 125, did this all day. Got home and pulled the egt sensor and it has water on it, pulled the big plug that's on top of the exhaust straight under the handel bars and I see water drops and vapor in there. To me this is not right. Does anyone know if water does get in there and if not were could it be leaking in from?
    Thanks Mike

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    The 1300 exhaust is a wet exhaust. So if you pulled the plug out of the pipe its gonna be wet. AS far as the water droplets on the plugs after it sits. This is only condensation built up inside the exhaust that settles on the plugs. If you had a head gasket leak or some other unknown problem when you pull the plugs after a run the plugs would have a milky white substance on them. This is water mixing with the fuel/oil. Dont worry to much about the droplets of water after sitiing. If it helps you feel better after every ride pull the plugs and shoot some 2 stroke oil and turn the motor over and reinstall the plugs. Dont dump a bunch in the cylinders just enough to keep the cylinder walls lubed.

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