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    04 RXP - Leak into Hull thru VTS

    Well I finally found the culprit to water entering my hull. It was a nice and quiet day at the lake due the absence of other watercraft. A few but they were far enough where it was relatively quiet. Thanks to the quietness I was able to hear water entering my 04 RXP. I was then able to pinpoint and visually see for myself that water was coming in from where the VTS exits the hull. I am figuring that I must have done something wrong when I reinstalled it after doing the water box mod (Before the mod I did not have any "water in the hull" issues). I am going to remove the VTS again and try to reinstall it. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I need to double check or steps I need to take to fix this issue?

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    Have you taken that plastic nut off outside the rear of the VTS exit thru the hull? Wondering if it was stripped or just not tightened all the way.

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    Yeah I tightened it with the sea doo tool. Not too tight but just till I could no longer turn the tool by hand. I think I did this because I read somewhere not to over tighten it. On someone had suggested to use silicone but I have yet to receive a response as to where to put silicone. I also don't think the manual called for silicone.

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    Forgot to mention that the water only enters the hull when it is stationary

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    It may be entering when it is underway too, but is getting syphoned out by the bilge drain system.


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    Good point! I didn't think about that.

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    just looking at the parts diagram here:

    by chance did you get that o-ring installed? #16

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    Yes, I put the O-ring on but I really couldn't tell from the diagram where it was supposed to sit. I think I slid it to as far back as it would go. I'll check it when I take it off. By any chance do you or anyone else know where that o-ring should sit?

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