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    Rebuild HELP (Suggestions)


    I am hoping you can offer me some assistance. I have been riding a stx-15f but have been frustrated with the low top end. So I decided to pick up a new ski and I purchased a yamaha that requires a engine rebuild. I intend to rebuild the entire engine and I would like to accomplish all my needs at one time. My goal is to have a 75mph+ ski. Please assist me with a list of parts, mods, places, people, etc. that can help me reach this goal. I am really unsure where to start. Any help is appreciated.

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    So I decided to pick up a new ski and I purchased a yamaha that requires a engine rebuild
    What kinda ski ?

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    gpr- I paid $800 for the ski - is his good?

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    I would suggest you start by giving as much details about the ski as possible. Pictures are helpful too. For folks to help you, we need to know what is going on with your project.

    Furthermore, if you have someone on the boards that live in your area, and can run you though the basics, it will save you tons of time.

    Talk to Fernando on here about putting together a 75mph ski.

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    Mike, Thanks for the Email. You've come to the right place. We've been building up GPR's for customers since the beginning and the 75-77 you requested shouldnt be any problem.Will respond to your Email when I get to the shop this morning.

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    is it a GP800, GP1200, GP1300?? What year?

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    OK- Pistonwash has been offering me some solid advice and Ramnj lives nearby and has also offered advise. The ski is a 2001 gp1200r. It is bone stock. The motor was hydrolocked and will need a complete rebuild so I figure might as well do it right. I know I need to send out the crank and I am working on getting that done asap. But outside of that I am open to suggestion. Thanks

    Carl- Looking foward to your email
    Pistonwash- Thaks again for all your info

    PS- How much should rebuilding the crank cost approximatly? I have been quoted a large range of prices.

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    RAD will rebuild the crank for $575 and that includes true and weld. Here's their website:

    Looking forward to working with you on your ski. Should be a great learning experience for both of us.

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