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    Has anyone EVERY modded Yamahas SUV???

    I don't know what it is about that thing but I like it, always have!

    It would be a great support boat! I was thinking about putting fuel blatters in the two side compartments and using it as a fueling boat???

    Just thought I'd ask.

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    I think Pistonwash can tell you about one with triple pipes... somebody told me. I can't remember. Dang'd old age.

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    Yessir..full-blown triple-piper that would scoot pretty good. Did'nt go that fast, but it got their quick. We did one for a guy here in Florida who liked to go fast and be stable. The SUV hull is quite nice for riding around all day, just does'nt have speed.

    The guy rode it with triples for a couple of months but since he could'nt beat GP's and other faster skis, he de-tuned it and bought a GPR.

    The SUV has incredible storage. Putting gas cans in their would be a great mod if you mount them in there safely. You could probably get some fabrication metal cans that hold 6-7gallons for each would double your range on travel.

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    I got to ride one and I really liked it. It lacks in speed, but it would be great for a tug or party boat. Also, if your not careful, that thing will turn and turn hard.

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