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    Main jet and Pilot jet on GP 1200 Carbs

    Guys, I need your help. I have 1997 Yamaha Venture and I installed GP 1200 Carb on it.

    The main jet and pilot jet are 120 and it feels like to much gas.

    Do you have any ideas what Main jet and Pilot jet I need to put? may be 115 or 110? Anyone has any experiences with this? Thank you.

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    You went from a 38mm to a 44mm throat bore. It (Wave Venture) had a 135 main, 1.3 needle and seat, 115 pilot. I would try a 115 main, 110 pilot to see if it is still too rich. Go down on the main until it reacts well.

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    All right, I will try this first and let s see what s up. Anyways, Thank you for your help. Oh, remember that the Carb is from GP 1200 which I installed on my VENTURE.

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    Dre.did you put an adapter to install those on your stock manifold or did you put the intake manifold and carbs?, It also will depend on how stock your engine is, do you have ANY.mods at all, head mill or reeds,flame arrestors??? if it is all stock, for 44's, I used 100 on all the lows, and 110 on the highs, at 2 turns out to start on the highs ending up with 1 1/8, the lows seemed to respond well at almost 1 out, just a little less than 1 turn out, all skis are a little different, remember you have to check the pop off, and find out what you are starting with, you never know what mixture of springs someone might have put in there, and you need to get a tach to try all this out, if you go by trial and error, you might damage your engine.

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    I think that I just put the Carbs on the engine, as far as I know, I dont use any adaptors at all. I just done over size 0.50 cylinders, porting polish. I also have the frame arrestor air filters. Anyways, I am going to double check. Thank you.

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    Dre......... the reason I ask ,is you cant just bolt them on our skis, I have an adapter that bolts the 44's directly to the manifold from prote, but other than that you need the 1200 manifold, also the 1100 fuel pump is no longer used, and you need to run 2 extra pulse fittings for the pumps in the carbs, some people just "tee" off there original pulse fitting but I drilled ,and set 2 more in the other two cylinders...find out what you have and let us know,.........

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