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    Who has a 2001 SLX 1200?

    I dont think I see anyone in here with one of these? I love mine (until recent issues), but are these good ski's? I am only asking because I can't seem to find much info on these in these forums or the pwc forums. The thing ran good last season, but now im having issues with it and trying to find other threads relating to mine.

    Just really want to know what people think of theis year and model?

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    2001 was the last year for the SL hulls, including the SLX. The X models were the high performance versions for a given model year. See attached XLS chart for details.

    The Polaris 1200 engine (1165cc) was used over a bunch of models and years, two seater SL and three seater SLT, the 1200 Pro, Virage TX three seater, and Genesis four person machines.

    With different heads, it is also the engine in the 1200 fuel injected models, except the MSX 140.

    The 1200 'domestic' engine seems to be quite reliable, and the SL hull is considered to be playful and fairly quick. Not too heavy, and fairly tough, hard to break.

    For engine and electrical issues, the information from other model and year 1200 engined models will generally also apply to your machine.

    Those who have started with an SL Polaris, often decide to keep it when they buy another, larger PWC. They like the light weight and quick handling of the SL, and the generally reliable operation and relatively low repair costs.

    I am sure we help you get your 2001 SLX back on the water. With proper maintenance and care, these things can run for years.
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    The 2001 SLX had only a couple very minor changes from the 2000 SLX which a few people have on here.

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