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    Mario got caught speeding in Georgia!

    Mario who moved to Florida recently, was doing 90 in a 65 on I-95 through southern Georgia.

    Radar trap with Georgia's finest.

    Pulled over and officer with wide brimmed hat comes to the speeder's vehicle.

    Conversation with officer. Officer mentions that "ain't no one supposed to be going that fast through this state."

    Mario responds, "well, Sherman did"

    Mario hauled off to local jail and had to sell more jetski parts for bail!

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    Here is an idea of how fast he was going!!!!I

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    And if you saw the POS that French commercial is for...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 11
    And if you saw the POS that French commercial is for...
    11, the 206 is a nice little Go Kart, I would love one to buzz around town in. They whip around really good when you rip up the hand brake on ice.

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    Must be like a little 70'S FIAT, square boxed car,fun to lake race with....inslall 1/2 inch studs for traction

    BORIS..... its all has got to be FROZEN first!!!

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