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    Solas prop & steel wear ring kicks ass

    After installing a solas prop and stainless steel wear ring I took the ski out for the first time. I gained 150 rpm and my top speed stayed the same. I notice the hole shot increased. I mean I have major hole shot now compared to the stock prop and better pump hookup also.
    After riding for a while I sucked up something in my pump. I couldnt go over 2800 rpm. After a few throttle burst the object finally came loose. I took the pump off today to check the damage. There was no damage to the prop or steel ring at all. The pump looked good. The wear ring was a little discolored in one spot. I think that was from the object that got stuck in my pump.
    I think the steel wear ring is a good investment to make otherwise I could of damage a new $45 plastic wear ring within one hour of riding. I really think the plastic wear ring is just a money maker scam just like they hire engineers to design faws in cars. They make the parts only last a certain admount of time so the can get more money from you in the future. Believe me I know because I know a few people who have these types of jobs.

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    Hey how did you like your fan? What did you gain from it?

    I installed mine today. I went with a plain switch as I didn't want to screw up.

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    Tested my ski again this morning, Well to tell you my ski also kicks a__ Daren fixed my high spots in the prop, but still I'm down 200rpms. Already found out what it is, My prop wasn't trued, twoo blades are still hitting my wear ring, not much, but enough to loose 200rpms. I was down 400 in the beginning, got 2 of it back, and will get the other 2 back soon as Daren does a little more magic. My ski ran 76@8200rmps. I'm happy, cause I know as soon as I get the burn marks off the prop once more and use a feeler gauge I'll be straight

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    [quote="Water4fire"]Hey how did you like your fan? What did you gain from it?

    I only gained 50-100 rpm when the fan is running but the main thing is that I keep those rpm all day without heat fade.

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