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    Need to upgrade RXP supercharger.

    I have an 04 RXP with 29 hours on it. I posted below yesterday. What is the best way to make the supercharger bullet proof. On my 3rd supercharger. I heard of the steel washers from Riva but they wont fit an 2004 only 06s. Cost is not a issue. Any help would be great. Thanks David.

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    You can up grade your 04 clutch to 06 specs with the Rotax racing heavy duty clutch kit or Sea doo clutch kit for 06 both are available in Jerry's online store. just click on order parts in the tool bar at the top of the page. P.S. you will still need to order the metal washers as both kits still have ceramics, but I saw Jerry post that they would be available soon on this sight as well.
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    You need to get the 06 clutch kit update and metal washers. If you don't want to do the 06 update, I believe TennesseeRxp has some metal washers for the 04/05 shaft. Look in the For Sale forum.

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    PM TennesseeRXP he sells them for the 04-05 clutch 100 so dollars.
    If cost isn't an issue go with the Rotax setup. I think it's 1000 so dollars after machining your current housing.

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