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    How to remove Supercharger/install wheel

    I would think you would need to slide the waterbox forward doing this
    and using this tool

    Riva says remove 3 M6x35mm Torx bolts and that you need a special Torx adapter to remove and replace the upper rear. It says you can get it through the Riva parts department or a seadoo or reputable tool company.

    Do I need a tight fitting wrench or some special wrench?
    Do I just get all the tools on Jerry's SC tool page ?

    Riva instructions on SC wheel

    Required tools Part#
    Torx screw adapter N/A
    Impeller Shaft Holder 529 035 949
    Recommended tools Part#
    Oetiker pliers C-48550347
    Service Mounting Plate 529 035 947

    Instructions (from Riva)

    1. Disconnect battery cables and remove seat bridge (RXT & GTX models) or engine compartment cowling (RXP
    models). Remove inlet and outlet hoses attached to supercharger unit. Remove exhaust gooseneck from
    exhaust manifold, disconnect left muffler retraining strap and slide muffler rearward.
    2. Remove only the Oetiker securing end of hose connecting supercharger outlet to intercooler. Remove end of
    hose from supercharger outlet.
    3. Remove the three M6 x 35mm Torx bolts (2 lower/front & 1 upper/rear) that secure supercharger unit to engine.
    NOTE: You will need a special Torx adapter to remove and replace the upper/rear Torx bolt. This can be
    purchased though our parts department, at any Sea•Doo Dealer or reputable tool company.
    4. Remove supercharger unit from engine.
    NOTE: It is extremely important that the area utilized to work on the
    supercharger unit is very clean.
    Any foreign debris introduced into the supercharger unit will cause damage.
    It is equally important that care is taken when performing the following steps so as not to damage the impeller or
    working parts of the supercharger unit. Even a small mark on the impeller would ruin the dynamic balance
    destroying the bearings.
    Before proceeding we recommend you verify that the slip clutch is operating properly. This should be done
    before disassembling the supercharger unit. Please refer to the Sea•Doo service manual for this procedure.
    5. Secure supercharger unit to service mounting plate and place in a securely mounted bench vise. Remove the
    nine M6 x 35mm Torx screws securing impeller cover to impeller housing. Remove impeller cover.
    NOTE: It may be necessary to tap the cover in order to remove it. Use only a dead blow mallet and tap only on tab at top of
    impeller cover plate.
    6. Secure impeller shaft at rear of supercharger unit using a Sea•Doo shaft holding tool. Remove impeller shaft nut
    and set aside.
    NOTE: You will need to turn nut clock-wise as threads are left-handed.
    7. Remove OEM flat washer between impeller shaft nut and impeller hub.
    8. Remove OEM impeller by twisting and pulling. Set OEM impeller aside.
    NOTE: Make sure o-ring is in place against step collar on shaft. Inspect impeller if it is not on impeller shaft.
    9. Thoroughly clean both halves of supercharger housing and impeller shaft. Remove all silicone from mating
    NOTE: Use only non-residual cleaners such as PJ-1 Supercleaner.
    10. Inspect and clean RIVA Impeller thoroughly taking care not to damage fins. Install onto impeller shaft fully.
    11. Install OEM flat washer removed in step 6. Install supplied impeller nut onto impeller shaft. You will need to turn
    nut counter clock-wise as threads are left-handed.
    12. Secure impeller shaft at rear of unit using a Sea•Doo shaft holding tool. Tighten impeller nut.
    NOTE: You will need to tighten nut counter clock-wise as threads are left-handed. Torque to 22 ft•lbs / 30 N•m.
    13. Spin impeller to ensure smooth operation.
    14. Apply a thin coat of Loc-Tite Sealant 5910 to impeller housing. Spread evenly covering mating surface
    completely. Clean any excess sealant at inner edge of cover so as to prevent from discharging into impeller area
    when halves are joined together.
    15. Install impeller housing cover and secure with the nine M6 x 35mm Torx screws removed in step 4.
    NOTE: Thoroughly clean threads of Torx screws before installing. Do not use any type of locking agent. Torque to 88in•lbs / 10 N•m.
    16. Spin impeller shaft to ensure smooth operation.
    17. Remove supercharger unit from service mounting plate. Inspect o-rings at rear of impeller housing where it
    installs into engine. If either is damaged replace both.
    18. Thoroughly coat unpainted area on rear of supercharger unit with anti-seize.
    19. Install supercharger unit onto engine. You may need to rotate supercharger impeller to allow gear to mesh with the flywheel gear.
    Secure supercharger unit to engine using the three M6 x 35mm Torx bolts removed in step 2. Torque to 22 ft•lbs / 30 N•m.
    20. Replace supercharger outlet hose and secure with supplied Oetiker clamp.
    21. Replace exhaust hoses removed in step 1.
    22. Connect battery cables.
    23. Run craft on flush kit to check for intake or exhuast leaks and to ensure smooth operation of supercharger.

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    You can use a 1/4" box end wrench to remove the top rear SC bolt. A ratcheting 1/4" wrench works best.

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    I thought someone said the 1/4 would strip it ?

    Didn't someone give a tip on adding the SC wheel about adding petroleum jelly or something to the bearings so they don't fall out ?

    Should I put in new needles, springs and bearings or something ?
    What do I need to buy to redo the SC parts when I'm putting in new washers and wheel ?

    1 SURCOMPRESSEUR *SUPERCHARGER ASSY. Includes 2 to 25, 28 to 30, 32

    420881937 (replaces 420881933) 1 $1,106.97 1 SCREW TORX FLANGE M6 X 35 (5 per pack)
    420641258 3 $13.10 2 COMPRESSOR BASE PLATE
    420867165 1 $114.97 3 GOUPILLE ASS. *GUIDE PIN (10 per pack)
    420929650 2 $13.00 4 SPACER
    420947022 1 $15.47 5 O-RING
    420650270 2 $4.47 6 ENS.ARBRE EMB. *BOOSTER SHAFT KIT Includes 6 to 11
    420881945 1 $199.97 7 THRUST WASHER
    420926392 1 $33.47 8 BALL BEARING
    420832710 2 $22.47 9 COMPRESSOR SHAFT ASSY.
    420837569 1 $91.97 10 OIL SEAL ATS
    420950940 1 $23.47 11 O-RING
    420950950 1 $0.42 14 NEEDLE PIN
    420881946 (replaces 420881942) 1 $393.47 16 RONDELLE FREIN *LOCK WASHER
    420926376 1 $33.47 17 SPRING WASHER
    420939220 5 $5.73 18 RONDELLE FREIN *LOCK WASHER
    420926376 1 $33.47 19 NUT-HEX.M10X1
    420942950 1 $5.73 20 STEP COLLAR
    420947010 1 $29.97 21 COMPRESSOR IMPELLER
    420867191 1 $383.47 22 SHIM
    420927413 1 $3.13 23 CAP NUT
    420842833 1 $15.47 24 COMPRESSOR HOUSING
    420867152 1 $89.97 25 VIS HEXALOB.EPA*SCREW-TORX FLANGE (5 per pack)
    420641238 9 $13.10 26 FORM HOSE
    420660150 1 $95.47 27 GEAR CLAMP
    420851703 2 $8.73 28 LOCTITE 243 *LOCTITE-243
    293800060 $15.47 29 HUILE 4T 12X1 *OIL 4T 12X1 MINERAL 10W40 (12 per pack)
    219700346 $73.80 30 LOCTITE 5910 *LOCTITE-5910
    293550021 $51.47 32 GRAISSE *GREASE
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    I've been using the 1/4" box end wrench for each of the 10 or so times I have removed the SC and haven't stripped anything. You just have to be careful.

    The vaselline is to hold the 40 needle bearings together while you wrap them around the SC shaft. But the original set should come encased in wax, so you should not have to do that. And you don't need to do this if you are only changing the SC impeller.

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    I took the proper torx wrench and ground down the closed in. It get pretty thin but it doesnt take a lot of torque on that bolt. Fits in perfect and no worries of stripping it out. Try it.

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    Note to self. Bolts that hold in SC (3) Stainless Steel M6 with 1.00 pitch and 35mm long.
    Bolts that hold the housing together (10) Stainless Steel M6 with 1.00 pitch and 25mm long.

    I used a 1/4 ratched wrench and shaved down the head pretty close to the ratched gears and used lots of torch heat on the bolt and bolt housing to loosen the loctite.

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