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Thread: RXP Help!

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    RXP Help!

    I need the name and number for a GREAT Sea
    doo mechanic for my RXP. I'm on my 3rd supercharger for it in 29 hours of use. I live in Northern Virginia but will travel anywhere to get the problem resolved. Thanks David.

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    I used the guy at Talbot Powersports. He did a good job with mine, and has been doing it for a while. I cannot remember his name, but the girl in Service there is Heather. They are in Easton, MD

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    Well you know Petee is not gay. He only remembers Heather!

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    Been kinda wondering the same thing. I've been using the dealer in Oakland MD. Kinda far from here. Where are you at in VA?

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    I use the Aquatic Center in McHenry MD. Never had any engine work done there but they are really service minded. Good mechanics on all the small stuff I have had done over the last three years.


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    I live in Annandale Va.. Coleman Power Sport in Falls Church Va. can't seem to fix the problem.

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