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    Blitz Boost Gauge

    Anyone familiar with these

    There is like a 1-4 version.
    It's a digital boost guage,look small and has a peak memory reading.
    Does something with turbo but I really like the peak feature.

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    turbo timers essentially let you "spool up" you turbo...(giving the most simple explanation possible)...

    It will have absolutely no application on your ski but the boost guage aspect of it will work just fine...

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    I think this boost gauge has a built in 'turbo timer' (for cars a turbo timer is used to keep the car running at idle for a disired amout of time to cool the oil then shuts the car off.)


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    I was thinking of just ignoring the turbo timer part of it and using the boost gauge.

    What I like about this boost gauge over the Dyno one is it has peak boost memory.

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