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    2005 RXT SC washers?

    Im still breakin' in my 05' RXT (about 4 hrs presently) I have a 4 year warranty as well. My question is, can I have he dealer update the SC washers under warranty or do the washers have to fail under normal usage before they can replace?? Thanks.

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    The dealer will not update the supercharger without it breaking. The best thing you could probably do is get metal supercharger washers. I actually have a couple sets there about $125 a set.

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    I belive you have metal washers in you 05 RXT so I would not do anything until it starts to slip which may never happen

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    no stock production ski has ever had metal clutch washers (yet)... you have ceramics, and they cannot be replaced under warranty until ur slip moment falls low or it blows up all together.

    either keep checking the slip moment religiously, or swap them out for metal washers for a hundred bucks

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