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    Red face BEST description of your WORST Spill!

    No prize, just want to hear your stories!

    On old 96 Yami WRIIIGP
    Riding out the Barnegat Inlet doing some wave jumping with a hurricane off the coast, 6-8' white caps in the inlet probably a small craft advisory out.
    I'm almost out the mouth of the inlet and I'm starting to get on it and and get some big air. From the crest of the wave I was probably only getting 2-3' at the time, but remember the wave falls out from under you so it's not a 8-11' drop. I don't recall if I left the wave on an angle, or I twisted the ski in the air, but the starboard side started to twist so now my right leg is almost straight, and me left leg is bent, my body is still pretty much perpendicular to the water. When I landed all my weight went down on the left leg banging my knee into the fiberglass under the seat, and because my leg was bent, the weight then transfered to my left leg big toe. SNAP. The long bone thats the big toe connects to fractured. WaveRunner was fine, of course, but I limped home the 20miles back to the ranch. Yeah that bronco bucked me hard!

    New 05 GTX_Ltd.
    12hrs at the time, went out to meet up with my neighbors who were picking up there 05 RXT from the Marina.

    Was finally making WOT runs, the bay, right in front of BDNJ's place, was smooth, and I was making sharp high-speed (well 40mph) turns. First time on a ski with sponsons mind you. Didn't know it was going to cut into the water and ride like it was on rails, so I make a hard left, the ski turns digs in, and my body sways to the right, so much that my left leg comes off the machine, my right leg is twisted up in the foot well, I'm pretty sure I even let go of the left handle bar, which means my right hand is the only thing holding on in a left hand turn, well now its a right hand turn, my body is hanging over the right-side of the ski as the unwanted right-hand turn starts which basically make your dangling body meet the ski in a fast and uncomfortable way. I have a 1"+ neoprene life jacket on, the right handle bar meets my right side rib cage, all my weight plus the force of the turn is put on my ribs in a 1sq. inch area...ouch, then I fall of the machine as the SeaDoo makes a sharp right turn. I fall off the ski keeps going. probably about 40yrds...120feet. Now I'm in pain, trying to swim for the SeaDoo, in pain, and a 10+mph wind blowing the ski! Neighbors saw it all.. Just had bruised ribs or the meat between them was bruised, I guess thats what bruised ribs are. Took a month for the pain to go away.

    This is no contest, I dont believe my story is the worst, nor do I want to make anyone elses story less interesting...lets just hear them!

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    That would be yesterday. Brian probably got a kick out of this one.

    Out in the ocean jumping waves, i came up and jumped one, right at the peak the ski was tilted ot much to the left for me to want to correct it. I wussed out, kicked off the ski and fell. Was a whole crapload of fun, but i felt it a little this morning.

    Im sure from his point of view it was hilarious.

    Im sure ill have better ones throughout the years. I fell off last week at about 35, took a turn to sharp and my buddy slid off, and hes an ass so he decided i was going with him. Worst part was swimming back to the ski.

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    Jumped a nice sized roller from a large boat and hit the wave a little sideways. I tried to ride it out, got sideways in the air and landed on the right rear portion of the ski. Well I couldn't ride it out. As I came off the ski, my head hit the left handle bar right on my sunglasses. Cut my eye and left cuts along the outline of my sunglasses.

    The worst part is my eye was bleeding pretty badly on the way back to the boat ramp and some guy pulled up to race me on an RXDI. As we raced, the blood was pouring into my eye and I couldn't see at all. So I had to let off and let him win. Turns out is was a guy from and he went on there bragging about beating an RXP on his RXDI. I have been looking for him ever since

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