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    need some info for Nils?

    I have a friend who has a friend that may be looking to have some work done by Nils.

    What is Nils contact information?

    Also, does Nils work with titanium valves. If not, then what does he do to prevent the valves from floating?

    Thanks guys

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    Go to

    He just sent back my Stage III rebuild and has done a few others here as well.

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    he used lightweight aluminum valve spring retainers (available in my online store) and he also uses higher rate springs.

    We are running our heads at up to 9000 RPMs with no valve float.

    Nils shop number is 805-495-3832

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    Just got my springes back and will be installing them soon. I am making a a spring seat cutter. I was doing some reaserch and came across a good article on how to do a valve job. check it out could help us all.

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