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    WTB: Crank (trued & welded) for 1200PV


    I need a crank for my 01 GPR 1200. I bought the machine with the engine problem. Found out last night the front shaft on the crank just broke the f$%* off!. I'm thinking of doing the 1390 while i have it out and its down. Anyone have a Trued and Welded crank for sale?


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    Broken front crank snout was a common issue back in the day. I would buy a new crank if going with the 1390 setup no sense spending that kind of money then have to rely on a second hand crank.

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    I agree with Oside, get a new one, even if it just a 1200. The snouts are not replaced on the cranks when rebuilt(unless you specifically ask for it) so you may have a rebuilt T/W crank but your on borrowed time on the snout that has already been abused. You can find yourself in the same exact scenario quickly.

    Jerry should be able to hook you up on the online store here with a new OEM T/W crank. I dont see the T/W option so you might try sending him a pm.

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