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    Dover, DE... Again :(

    Spilled COffee on the pup :(

    Makin mornin coffee cup #2, went to put aay coffee maker cup thingy, knocked over my coffee cup, all over the new counters, but worse on the puppys back. He runs, then realizes its hot, and starts schrelching for dear life.

    Ive never felt that bad in my entire life. Impromptu doggy bath with cold water for 15 minutes and he seems to be doing ok. Gave him a pig ear and am keeping an eye on him

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    you animal abuser.

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    Jerry's guest bedroom
    This post has been forwarded to PETA. Maybe Pamela Anderson will show up to scold you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCHeel
    Maybe Pamela Anderson will show up to scold you.
    If that is the case I am going to torch my cat today.

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    Speaking of PETA. They were doing some kind of protest petition signing thing out front in the street in NY City. They had a bunch of vegeterians giving some kind of lecture to a small croud of people, so my brother waited there until it was time to sign. He had just walked out of mcdonalds, so he gets up to sign and takes a big bite of his double cheese and wipes grease on the sheet of paper! Stupid hippies.

    There was another time when I went to the post office to mail out a cdi and this guy and this lady had a little wheeling cart like one of those lemmonade stand things, full of liberal propaganda. Just seeing them with there cart of protest and having them bark a bunch of democratic slander at me pushed me over the edge. They capted following me with their flyers saying dumb stuff about Bush and Cheyne and I said, Get out of hear before I deck you! And they kept going. So I used my head and instead of pounding the sh*t out of these tiny little liberals, I went home with my brother. We came back ten minutes later with a bucket of water balloons and bombed the hell out of them and their cart!

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