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    Well Boyz got new GPS results!! on the 06 RXP again!!!

    Im sure most of you seen my post from a few days ago, were i GPS'd my machine at 69.2mph, well here's today's results

    Water Temp - 80 deg
    Air Temp - 82
    RPMS - 8070 - 8100
    3/4 tank of gas
    nice little chop/ripple
    trim was at one below middle and middle, varied it.
    once again this machine is bone stock nothing done to it , ride plate holes not filled yet!
    11 hrs on machine
    end result - 70.2 mph gps

    I dont know how but thats what it says and a member/friend on here was a witness to this I will be taking a pic of the GPS to prove it so people are calling BS on this, but i couldn't believe my eyes . Are the other stockers running this, or am i just an odd ball, i ran it a couple other times and it was 69.2 first run then started porposing again, like before then a 69.6, then 69.8 then the final 70.2. On the last run i let her cool down for a bit the did it , so maybe that help , the only thing this machine has is water wetter! lol, so what do you guys think!! Either way im pumped

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    Now go and fill those rideplate holes

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    Oh believe me i will be just waiting for STG 1 to come in first!

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    Is the other member stock ?
    How does it run side by side to yours.

    Thats some fast numbers you've got a good hull.

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    i went 68 on mine with a full tank and my fat ass [230], it was a little windy and pretty warm [don't remember the temp]

    all stock as well

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    Ok- I'll call BS!

    Breaking 70 on a stock RXP in 82 degree weather with 3/4 tank of gas= BS.

    What are you gonna take pictures of? Peak speed? That's not a valid #.

    What about tide / current? On what body of water are you doing your runs?

    Sorry, but I for one, am not a believer. I would have to ride it myself w/ my own gps aboard to go for that one.

    Now you can admit that you're pulling our legs and really can't break 67 !


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    Those numbers are just a little high. You can not use the GPS peak function for an accurate test. GPS's have a margin of error, most are like 3 meters with optimal sat signal. What this means is that it can pinpoint your location within 3 meters. Throretically the gps can calculate the traveled distance of a 50 meter run anywhere between 44 and 56 meters. The most accurate speed tests are radar runs or being able to keep a constant speed on the gps for several seconds. These speed runs must be done in both directions and the top speeds average so that wind and current can be negated. Your ski sounds strong, but stage 1 numbers, I dont think so.

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    I ride a gp1300 but do have almost 200 hrs of riding time next to an 04

    With an intake grate and an Air filter only in Orlando Florida my friends
    over the first twelve months Ran between 69.5 in the worst part of the summer to 73.6 under 63 degrees.

    I believe you.

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    We'll like i said i dont really care what some of you think , thats what i ran and memeber DEEGEE was there to witness it!, as for current there was .1-maybe .2mph current. I have 70.2 on my $450 dollar GPS and well you better believe it. As for water temp it was 80. But hey i knew some wouldn't believe this. Im just happy i have never owned and RXP rode an RXP, didnt know anything about them until the last 2 weeks, i used to ride an 02 RX that went 64.8mph gps. I have no reason to lie. But anyways thanks to the believers.Alls i care is i have never seen 70.2 on a jet ski and i did with this.

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    This is turning in to a pissing contest but NO stock RXP goes 73 in any kind of wheather..... Sorry I call bs on that!

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