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Thread: Polish Chrome ?

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    Polish Chrome ?

    I have a hitch that was polished chrome and it had some scratches. I used a dremel with the cotton and brown abrasive to try to polish it out. Now the chrome has a cloudy look to it.

    Is there anyway to buff the chrome back to have the mirror look ?

    On a side note. My truck has some scratches in the window. Is there anyway to buff out the scratches or does a auto shop need to do it ?

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    Wow !! THANKS!!!

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    I think you could also use Bon Ami dry! on sponge no water...PR...

    Kinch: be careful with those polishing kits, you can burn the glass...

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    You have Too much time on your hands! Wanna get away from your wife or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawz
    You have Too much time on your hands! Wanna get away from your wife or something?
    Funny you say that, it's actually for my wife.. The truck is my wifes and I'm trying to fix it for her. When we got married they put shoe polish all over it. We used a scour pad to remove it and it scratched the windows.

    The trailer hitch is for my wifes truck. She loves UT and was going to polish a power T hitch and ended up greying it out and not sure how to put a mirror finish back on it.

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    Powder coat the hitch. Mirrors,, good luck, glass? Ha,,,live with it or replace its too cheap. I get glass installed for 150! Damn near no matter what the vehicle.

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    Kinch, side and back glass are tempered, you mean to say you scratched up tempered glass, if so they are ruined, if you heat them up they will explode!...PR...

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    Yup, front, sides, and back. I used a scour pad, you know the little pad that is blue and yellow. Well the blue side put little micro scratches in it in circles where I did Karate kid cleaning. They aren't very deep but you can see them when the sun shines at different angles and it's kind of annoying.

    I was thinking a dremel with the cotton attachment and maybe a light abrasive. Didn't know if there was a window treatment to polish in.

    I'm going to read over those links and see what I need to do.

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