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    riva stage 1 kit problems

    I just finished the intsall and the opas system that bolts below the out sytems doesnt seem to be connected right when i go to steer it is tough and the fins sqeek alot ,the pump wedge pushed everything out a little bit more can anyone jelp

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    My advice is dump the wedge. Or the OPAS. Or both

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    The installation of the pump wedge will result in a slight offset. You may also have to adjust your steering slightly. I left the OPAS on as well when I installed the Stage I kit and it did steer a little tougher. All of the OPAS inside the hull is encased in rubber. The metal pieces that attatch to the OPAS is just proabably probably rubbing against the rubber pieces.

    The squeeky fins may just need a quick shot of WD40. You will probably soon find out now that you have the Stage I kit that you will soon be dumping the OPAS anyways and purchasing the Block Off kit.

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    I still run the opas. the squeak goes away with some lube.
    try riding it you will probly not like the pump wedge I took it off.
    (just my taste)

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