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    Thumbs down SBT 4 Tec

    Has anyone replaced, a 4 tec supercharged engine with a SBT engine? What was the results?

    I,ve replace a 04 engine due to the ski being sunk, the replacment engine seemed ok at first (2 to 3 hours) no problems, then it started loosing oil. Found oil coming out from the rear seal. Spoke to dealership tech, the technician said the oil should not be comming out here so I decided to replace the lip seal with an OEM seal. Preformed a cylinder leakdown test and had 20% leakage to the crankcase. Engine smokes like a 2 stroke and compression is PTO #1 150, 150, 160 so I'm returning it under warranty.

    Was just wondering if anyone else has used thier 4 tec engines, and / or anyone else had a problem with and oil leak?


    The leak got worst.

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    Never give away your eng block as an exchange. All the exchange motor`s are low budget poorly rebuilt crap. Sent your block out for repairs and buy quality parts. This will save you time , money and frustration in the long run. .02

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    I'd avoid SBT at all costs. But they do have the warranty so just keep replacing it till you get a good one.

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    Too bad replacing the motor countless times and shipping it back and forth isn't as easy as changing a pair of shoes. Only then might it be worth while to bother using such crap in the first place.


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