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    two intercoolers

    i am just wondering. when you remove the stock intercooler there is a void left that that i believe is counterproductive for airflow. how about reinstalling the stock intercooler, tap 1/2 inch waterline for this intercooler and also running the riva intercooler with the other stock waterlines. i think it would serve 3 purposes- increase airflow, increase cold air, increase boost. i know nils is working on a bigger intercooler but why not use what you already have from the factory.

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    That sounds like a good idea but it really doesn't work. The stock intercooler is too restrictive and you really defeat the whole purpose of the aftermarket intercooler. There is a lot of input on this void and problems it could cause. I'm sure someone will come up with aftermarket intake before long.

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    Bari, this has been done before and actually killed performance.

    Intercoolers are restrictive. Throw two in the mix and you kill air speed.

    The stock intercooler is extremely restrictive.

    I did a test with my wifes RXP. I measured the boost with the stock intercooler and then swapped to the Riva intercooler and actually gained 1 psi more boost.

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    The stock IC is so restrictive that;if you remove it in water temps 80 and above, you'll gain at least 100 rpm.

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    The throttle body is like 52mm the opening to the stock intercooler is only 44 and too thin to bore. Smaller than most carbs. Guess thats like taking off 44mm carbs and adding 52mm just by removing the stock intercooler.

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    That also explains why you get 3mph.

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