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    mind game for all your seadoo vets?

    I was looking at a few hulls from years past and noticed that the bottom of our rxp has been out since 01. The boat has gone from a gti to an rxp in 3 years wit only changing the top deck. It has gone from a 3 seater to a Musclecraft. So my question is are we due for a new hull design, why cant we put a 215hp in a gti or is this what they are doing? I really like the hull but come on 6 years, we are due for something.

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    I have heard that before. I thought it was a 97 gtx hull but Richard told me it was the GTI.
    I would assume the rideplate and the extra weight would change the whole dynamic of the hull.
    That is why the RXP is a very wet ride and the GTI is not.

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